Marko Ilic

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Ph.D Student
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Mechanical Engineering Faculty
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PE1_11 - Theoretical aspects of partial differential equations
PE1_12 - Mathematical physics
PE1_17 - Numerical analysis
PE2_14 - Thermodynamics
PE3_17 - Fluid dynamics (physics)
PE7_03 - Simulation engineering and modelling
PE8_04 - Computational engineering
PE8_05 - Fluid mechanics, hydraulic-, turbo-, and piston engines
PE8_06 - Energy systems (production, distribution, application)
PE8_12 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)
Research fields: 
Heat pumps (compression, absorption), Renewable energy systems (combination of solar, heat pumps, waste energy, biomass..)
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I am Dipl.-Ing. Master in thermal energy engineering and currently work as a research assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nis, Serbia, finishing my PhD studies. I have dual Serbian and Polish citizenship. My educational and professional background consists of subjects like thermodynamics, thermal design and optimization techniques. I have experience in fundamental field of thermal energy generation, district heating, hydraulics, implementing heating and cooling systems (solar PV-Thermal, heat pumps(compression, absorption-adsorption, biomass stove) in buildings. My PhD research is based on exploiting renewable energy sources. Actually, on developing biomass-absorption heat pump (H20-NH3). In Serbia natural gas has higher price per calorific heat value, then biomass. This is driving force for developing generator of absorption heat pump, which will work on biomass. In that way we will reduce consumption of electricity up to 6 - 7 times. Regards, Marko

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