Mateja Šmid Hribar

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+386 01 4706352
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Research Center
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Anton Melik Geographical Institute, ZRC SAZU
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Your research interests
SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_02 - Environmental change and society
SH3_04 - Social and industrial ecology
SH3_09 - Spatial development, land use, regional planning
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
SH4_09 - Philosophy, history of philosophy
SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity
SH5_11 - Cultural heritage, cultural memory
Research fields: 
cultural landscapes, ecosystem services, traditional ecological knowledge, commons, sustainable development, natural and cultural heritage, protected areas, tree inheritance
A short presentation of yourself: 
Mateja Šmid Hribar is a researcher at the ZRC SAZU Anton Melik Geographical Institute (Ljubljana). Her background is in Sociology of culture and Philosophy. In 2008 she got M.Sc. on Conservation of Natural Heritage and in 2015 Ph.D. on Geography. Her research interests are focused on human-nature interactions, the role of ecosystem services in landscape management and on managing the commons in cultural landscapes. She is the author and the co-author of several papers dealing with cultural and natural heritage, protected areas and sustainable development of cultural landscapes. Since 2009 she has been coordinator and a member of editorial board of the Slovenian Digital encyclopaedia of natural and cultural heritage – DEDI .

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