Nemanja Davidovic

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Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management
Novi Sad
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SH1_01 - Macroeconomics, business cycles
SH1_02 - Development, economic growth
SH1_04 - Econometrics, statistical methods
SH1_07 - Competitiveness, innovation, research and development
SH1_08 - Consumer choice, behavioural economics, marketing
SH1_09 - Organization studies, strategy
SH1_13 - International trade, economic geography
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Tourism economics
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-Experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research, data collection and analysis, statistical and policy analysis, analysis of trends (in SPSS and Microsoft Excel) -Experience in using strategy tools and methods, environmental analysis, industry analysis, product analysis, strategic analysis, stakeholder analysis, needs analysis and feasibility assessment -Great background in tourism and development issues -Excellent knowledge of methodologies and databases linked to management, marketing and tourism -Excellent analytical and writing skills -Excellent communication and presentation skills -Project management, organizational, coordination and reporting skills -Experience in cluster management -Strong sense of organization and excellent time management -Good ability of working and socializing in a multicultural environment

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