Nuri Ali Tahir

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+32 16 323241
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Ph.D Student
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KU Leuven Faculty of Social Sciences
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SH2_01 - Social structure, inequalities, social mobility, interethnicrelations
SH2_05 - Democratization, social movements
SH2_06 - Violence, conflict and conflict resolution
SH2_07 - Political systems and institutions, governance
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Minority Rights, Cross-border Cooperation and European Integration in Southeast Europe
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I am a PhD student at the University of Trieste following the program Transborder Policies for Daily Life. Currently I am working at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium as Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher. My research interests are minority rights and nationalism in the Balkans, cross-border cooperation and inter-ethnic relations, and political history of Europe. I am in the last stage of my PhD and will have my dissertation defense soon.

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