oana ivan

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Romanian Anthropology Institute of Romanian Academy
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Cluj Napoca
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SH2_01 - Social structure, inequalities, social mobility, interethnicrelations
SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_02 - Environmental change and society
SH3_03 - Environmental regulations and climate negotiations
SH3_04 - Social and industrial ecology
SH3_06 - Families and households
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environmental anthropology in the Eastern European context
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As an anthropologist, I am particularly interested in socio-economic issues of the people living inside protected areas/ parks/ reserves in the Eastern Europe, the changes occurring in the environment and environmental policy making , with a focus on post-socialist transformations and international institutions. I am currently doing post-doctoral research (Romanian Academy’s Anthropological Institute) in the former Danube flood plains, looking at local adaptations and strategies regarding flood protection and socio-economic assessment of the transformed environment . I am also interested in how local communities could be involved in sustainable development projects proposed by the international institutions.

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