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Eurojust CAU
The Hague
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SH2_05 - Democratization, social movements
SH2_07 - Political systems and institutions, governance
SH2_09 - Global and transnational governance, international studies, human rights
SH2_10 - Communication networks, media, information society
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IR,NPT,CTBT,Global Governance,NATO,Cyber Security,
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Plamen graduated from the University of Vienna with a M.Sc. in Mass Communication, Political Science and Sociology. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Vienna. He wrote his doctoral thesis on American Neoconservatism and US Foreign Policy under the supervision of Prof. Heinz Gaertner from The Austrian Institute for Foreign Relations. Plamen attended courses and lectures at the Free University of Berlin, The State University of St. Petersburg, The Pushkin Institute for Russian Culture and Language, The Institute for Polish Sudies POLONICUM in Warsaw and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Plamen is a member of the Austrian- Israeli Society and the Austrian- Russian- Committee. Accommplished internships: DG RTD Research and Innovation (EU Commission), Council of Europe (Committee of Experts on Terrorism)-Strasbourg, Eurojust and Europol (The Hague), Institute for International Affairs Prague (assistance to Mark Galeotti and Petr Kratochvil)

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