Romina Žabar

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+386 5 33 15 259
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office (University of Nova Gorica)
Nova Gorica
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SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
LS8_09 - Environmental toxicology
PE4_05 - Analytical chemistry
PE4_16 - Photochemistry
PE5_09 - Environment chemistry
PE10_17 - Hydrology, water and soil pollution
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Water pollution, environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology
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I started my scientific career as a biochemistry student and later I upgraded it with PhD degree from environmental sciences. From the early beginning, my research is strongly oriented towards water research; mostly water pollution and water treatment. Surface waters are of great importance for my research; however I have experiences also with groundwater, for example with sampling and monitoring techniques. Several years within my research were dedicated to the development of new methods for water treatment and analytical procedures for pollutants determination. In combination with ecotoxicological research on different species (isopods, bacteria, cells) I developed an efficient monitoring of surface water and wastewater pollution.

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