Sabri Laci

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Department of Geography, Faculty of History and Philology
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SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
SH3_03 - Environmental regulations and climate negotiations
SH3_05 - Population dynamics, health and society
SH3_07 - Migration
SH3_08 - Mobility, tourism, transportation and logistics
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
SH3_11 - Infrastructure, human and political geography, settlements
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Rural Geography, rural heritage, spatial planning in rural areas, tourism
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I am a Full Professor of Rural Geography, Rural Spatial Planning, Rural Heritage and Tourism etc in the University of Tirana. I hold from 7 years to our date the position of the Responsible of the Department of Geography. My researches are concerned in the rural areas and societies, but also the last years I have been part of various project dealing with economic, social and natural impact of climate change particularly in the rural coastal and river areas.

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