Sara Zupan

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00386- 5 - 611-79-34
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Science and Research Centre, Institut for Biodiversity studies
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SH3_01 - Environment, resources and sustainability
LS2_06 - Molecular genetics, reverse genetics and RNAi
LS2_09 - Genetic epidemiology
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Molecular genetics and evolution, Nature conservation, Ecology
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After graduating in 2011 from Biology (University of Ljubljana) as a promising talent scientist I immediately got position of a junior researcher and assistant at the University of Primorska (UP). In the Laboratory for Molecular Ecology at the Institute for Biodiversity studies, I am involved in amplification and sequencing mitochondrial and nuclear genes. In last years I worked mostly in the field of conservation genetics and molecular phylogenetic status of small mammals species, especially with groups where the evolutionary relationships among them are unclear. In years from 2011 to 2013 I participated in a survey of selected dipteran vectors on illegal dumpsites and in a survey of small mammals on illegal dumpsites in the Istrian peninsula. Currently I am working on mitochondrial markers, morphological characteristics and ecology parameters of endangered butterfly Coenonympha oedippus for my PhD research.

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