Shahryar Habibi

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Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture , University of Ferrara
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PE8_12 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)
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Architectural Technology
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He began his undergraduate career at Gazi university in Turkey and graduating with an honors degree in Diploma Architecture. He watched the workings of major corporations close up and would like the opportunity to combine his experiences with the theoretical and practical background available in a master’s program in architecture so, he began graduate career at Istanbul Technical University in 2009 in Environmental Control and Building Technology program . He finished his graduate education (MSc) in architecture and seemed to offer good route to becoming a green building specialist and a building physics specialist. He also has much experience in Architectural Acoustics Design in evaluating Concert Hall Acoustics, Techniques in Speech Acoustics and Architectural Daylighting Design. After working for some years, he decided to go back to university and chose Italy to study for his PhD. There, he was accepted by the University of Ferrara for a doctorate degree (PhD in Architectural Tech

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