Tamara Mitrofanenko

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Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
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Intergenerational practice as an approach to participatory protected area management, capacity building in transdisciplinary research and teaching
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Originally from the North Caucasus, I came Vienna to work for the UN Environment, Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, which is facilitating cooperation on sustainable development in the rural mountainous regions and highlighting the importance of mountain regions globally. My UNEP work mainly consisted of projects related to education for sustainable development, as well as local participation, cooperation with protected areas, and sustainable tourism. My commitment to supporting empowerment and participatory sustainable development on the local level brought me to the Doctoral School of Sustainable Development at BOKU, where I eventually focused my research on bridging two fields: intergenerational practice (an approach to involving youth and elderly in development processes) and protected area management. My wider interest is facilitating involvement of universities, incl. those in the Carpathian region, in sustainable development via transdisciplinary research and teaching

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