Ziga Zwitter

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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environmental history of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
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Ziga Zwitter is a PhD student of History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and junior researcher at the Department of History of the same faculty. He studied History and Geography. He graduated in 2010 and was awarded prize for students of the faculty for his graduation thesis The impact of the 'Little Ice Age' on the settlement of the territory of nowaday Slovenia: casestudy of selected parts of the Upper Savinja valley. His special field of research is environmental history of the territory in the contact zone between the Alps, Pannonian basin and Adriatic sea in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. The title of his article published is »Podnebne spremembe na Slovenskem v zadnjem tisočletju« (Climate change in Slovenia during the last millenium). He has been participating in the project ‘Man, Nature and Environment between North Adriatic and Eastern Alps in Premodern Era’ – another three of his articles are accepted to be published.

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