Zrinka Mileusnić

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UP FHŠ, Department for archaeology and cultural heritage
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SH6_01 - Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology
SH6_04 - Medieval history
SH6_05 - Early modern history
SH6_08 - Social and economic history
SH6_10 - Cultural history
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Medieval and poste medieval archaeology, material culture
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Zrinka Mileusnićis an assistant with master degree at the UP ZRS and an assistant at the UP FHŠ and UP FTŠ. Having graduated in archaeology at the Faculty of arts of the University of Ljubljana she continued to complete her masters degree at the same institution, after which she enlisted in the doctoral study programme “History of Europe and the Mediterranean” at the UP FHŠ. She has authored and co-authored scientific monographs and scientific articles. Her main area of interest is the medieval and modern-period archaeological material in the area of NW Istria, the eastern Adriatic coast and the Balkans; however, she also conducts research in the Byzantine and Turkish ceramics in the area of the Balkans and the eastern Adriatic coast. She has participated in several archaeological research projects in Slovenia and abroad.

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